About Senior Notes

Senior Notes, an application is a brainchild of the Aryabhatta Online Portal Development LLP., Company incorporated under Companies Act as a LLP in the year of 2016. ....,main object of the company is, to develop the Software application in various fields, apart from that creating a web portal for doing the work on online to make it digitalized environment, Software application development, creating web portal, creating specific or general ERP management solution and maintenance is a part of Aryabhatta core activities.

In this course Senior Notes is an application for professionals such as Lawyers, Auditors and Company Secretary. They can create a notes on specific subject and upload a leading  judgements under the core subject for specific case or specific sections.

It’s core object of this Senior Notes application is….. as what we have in thought ,…it should be noted in a touch ..........,,,, could be retrieved by another touch.